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Affordable 24 Hour Care is Possible in Phoenix

When most people think about 24 hour care, they immediately cringe at what the cost might be. Many would assume that this type of service would be extremely expensive. Unfortunately, many times 24 hour care is not an option and is something that is required by your doctor. This is very common after a surgery or heart attack and the person needs to be closely monitored.

However, not very many of us can drop everything to help our loved ones the way we would like. This is why Arizona’s Best Homecare has made 24 hour care affordable to bring the service to more people. In order to help your loved one maintain their quality of life in the comfort of their own home, some of the services we will provide include bathing, meal preparation, medication reminders, bathroom assistance and providing oxygen.

If you have a loved one, who has recently been diagnosed with needing 24 hour care, call us to see if we can help bring them home to be cared for. They will be more comfortable and you can rest assured that they will be taken care of around the clock.

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Caregiver of the Month

“There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.”

Walter Reuther (1907-1970);
Labor Union Leader

Each month, Arizona’s Best Home Care honors a caregiver of the month. This caregiver is recognized based on their performance and feedback from our staff and clients.

Lori H. has several years of experience as a caregiver, but she is new to our company. She has already made an impression on many people under her care. In fact, one of our clients, a 92 year old lady with dementia, called us and asked to speak with our owner Michael Vogler. She said that Lori is a godsend and she is more than pleased with her care. This includes all the things that come with our service: bathing, food preparation, running errands, etc.

Lori portrays what our family is all about, which is providing high quality care with a positive attitude. The heart of a caregiver is special as they do things, which many times, other people are not willing to do. We take pride in each of our caregivers, they are the keystone of Arizona’s Best Home Care.

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The Price of Home Care in Phoenix

We often get asked about our price. This is understandable considering the economy today and knowing how hard it can be to take care of one family as well as a person in need of additional care.

We are proud of the fact that we have the lowest fixed rate in the caregiving community. We understand that people might wonder how we can keep our rate this low and still provide quality care.

Simply stated, we are a family owned company that is not a franchise, we do not have to pay royalty fees to another company. Our team takes pride in being able to serve a larger population of people by providing affordable care throughout the valley. We have  over 300 experienced caregivers to pick from. We work exceptionally hard to staff kind and trust worthy people as our caregivers. We also make sure that our clients are matched with a caregiver that meets their needs. We have an extensive personality profile and medical assessment that ensures the best match for care.

If you are in need of quality care for you or your loved one, call us today for a free assessment.

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Arizona’s Best Homecare New Site Announcement

We are so proud to be launching our new site in hopes of reaching more people in the Phoenix and Sun City areas! Homecare is something that will somehow affect almost every person in their lives, whether it is that person needing or giving it.

We also understand that, while many people will need homecare, not everyone may be able to afford it. This is why we made sure that affordable homecare in Phoenix was our number one priority when building our company. Our founder, Michael T. Vogler has been the President and CEO of Arizona’s Best Home Care since its inception, but his experience is supported by 3 generations of home care professionals. He has made it a goal to provide quality care, while providing affordable pricing throughout the valley. We are happy to say that his leadership, guidance and commitment to every client, is the foundation of the company’s success.

Check out our blog on a regular basis to find out tips, tricks and general information about homecare. We’ll be covering lots of topics that might just speak to you and your family. If you feel that you might be ready to talk about homecare in your life, please do not hesitate to call.

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Welcome to Our Website!

Stay tuned for news and updates.

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